Monday, June 9, 2014

Back Again - Ghana Style

Hello Everyone...

If you are receiving this email, I want you to know you are among those that I love and appreciate most. Each and every one of you has touched my life in one way or another. I want to thank each of you for supporting me in these two years of my mission (yet to me it feels like it has only been 2 months).  Thank you and I hope and pray for you that everything in your life is going alright and that you are happy.

This last week has been just wonderful. I have felt the spirit stronger than ever and have really seen the Lord work in my proselyting area. It is amazing when you do all you can and leave the rest to the Lord.
These last weeks, our Mission President has been talking about collective obedience. How each district needs to be 100% obedient and if ever district is obedient that would mean that ever zone is obedient in turn making all the zones obedient and in conclusion the entire mission could be obedient as a whole.  This week I made sure that I myself would do my part to be obedient and see the Lord do his part in return.  Results: This upcoming Sunday, I have 2 new baptisms planned. I also had one good legitimate week with my companion. It is interesting that if we do our part, we really can see Him do His part.
Today was just.... indescribable.  Like it has been one of the best p-days on my mission. Let me give you a nice rundown of how things happened. First I wake up at 6 and put all my clothes in some soap and let them soak, then I took a nap until 8 and then finished washing them. Then I went and bought some bread and made french toast. Then we went to town and we were buying some things when we spotted this nice restaurant. So Elder Stempley and I entered this restaurant and looked at the menu and could not help but notice the cheese burgers, pizza, spring rolls, and Chinese food and many other things on the menu. So we couldn't help but take a seat a just taste some of the food. We ate a nice cheese burger and fries with some spring rolls and some soda. Oh, this cheese burger actually tasted American and normal!!! I felt like I tasted a little piece of Heaven.
After I leave this internet cafe, the District is celebrating the District Leader’s birthday by going to this restaurant to eat some pizza and party small.
Sorry that there is not too much to update you on except for the two upcoming baptisms.
I hope that all of you are doing well and that life is treating you well.
God Bless you,
Elder Cornelius

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