Monday, May 25, 2015

Testimony and Pics

This week I had a wonderful experience I would like to share about testimonies of the gospel. For non-members of the church, this may seem weird but bear with me.
There is a man I am teaching, Bro G, who is incredibly smart and knows his bible very well. We have taught him about the Book of Mormon, the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and all the commandments. He has been meeting with SDA people and Jehovah's Witnesses so he is not easily persuaded by anything.

Yesterday after church (he did not come for the first time in 4 weeks) we took our branch president to see him and ask him what the problem was or if he had concerns. We ended up talking about baptisms for the dead and about the sacrament and how we drink water instead of wine. We had taught him before about these things, but he just could not accept it so we asked him to pray about it and we would get back to him... So when we asked him about his concerns he brought up those two things. While the branch president was teaching in Twi, I was looking at D&C 27. Brother G eventually got us into a corner and pretty much confounded us,but the only thing I thought I had left was my testimony.

I opened to D&C 27 and read to him v. 1-4 and bore my testimony about the sacrament and about our Savior's atonement. Then my companion bore testimony about baptisms for the dead while reading D&C 120 something and the whole time I was just pleading with Heavenly Father that the spirit could allow Brother G to understand and accept the facts.

Next thing I know he was just sitting in his chair and said this all makes sense now... Truly the spirit did everything and we only just bore testimony. I wish I had more time to explain this experience but my time is finished.

I know that when we bear our testimonies of the gospel and of Jesus Christ, the spirit will enlighten the investigator in ways that we cannot.  This church is true and Satan is a liar!
Love you all
~ Elder Cornelius ~

Cashew Nut Tree

My crib

Can you push your workplace around?

Cool hats!

Zone Activity - Pounding Fufu

My bed broke right at 6:30 a.m. - how convenient!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Howdy . . .I guess it's Monday again!

Well I do not have much to say since I did say a lot over Skype to my parents, but I hope every mom had a good mothers day.
Mothers are needed so much in this world and are really what helps the world go round. Skyping was great and really felt sort of funny because nothing has really changed in the last 2 years.

Over here in Ghana - nothing has really changed. It is the rainy season but only rains maybe once a week. The weather is like the 80's - 90's and is pretty nice.
Yesterday my father asked me a question "So is what you are doing over there working?" I can say "Yes."  It is working considering I am bringing souls to Christ and helping them open the gates of their salvation. Even if I did not bring but one person into the church... I would still call it a success. Now I am thankful that I have brought more than one into the church and to the knowledge of the truth. I am happy that I have been given this opportunity to teach these people the gospel or the "good news" about Christ and his atonement and how Christ came to die for us so that we can be saved. I am happy that I have a sense of direction in my life and I can help others gain a sense of direction also through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This work is great.
I love you all and next time there will be some pictures and more information. Keep it real and rely on your savior.

~ Elder Cornelius ~

Monday, April 20, 2015

Techiman . . .good call Prez!

Hey there everybody,
I am happy to report to you that the mission president was inspired to send me here to Techiman. The area is productive (teaching wise) and the people are receptive. Even next week we will be having a baptism. I will send pics.
My companion (Elder Wilson) is a cool guy. Turns out that we were at BYU-I together the same time and have the same friends yet we never ran into each other haha. He is from Missouri and is 19. He is 5 transfers on mission or 7 months so far. So he definitely has the spirit really strong still and will help me with that aspect of my mission while I help him with his teaching skills. We will be a great companionship and seems like friends too.
In the apartment there are 6 elders. My companion is the District Leader and in the apartment are the Zone Leader as well. Their are 5 Americans and 1 from ivory coast (speaks barely any English) The apartment use to be the chapel for their group so it is pretty big... and definitely took long to sweep and mop this morning.  But, I could not be happier with the transfer. I am looking forward to the new area and new people to get to know and influence them with the gospel. Hopefully I will feel the joy that comes from obedience and i will enjoy the companionship of the holy spirit in my life. (and also being around Americans) God bless you all and I hope you are all doing great. 

~ Elder Cornelius ~

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yes I am alive . . .and being transferred!

Hello family and friends,
It has been some time since I last emailed you. It has been due to the light situation and also traveling too much this past month. But I will report that I am alive and doing just fine.
I received some news last Saturday that I will be transferred from Nkawkaw to Techiman. It is about 6 hours away from here by bus. It is only 2 hours away from Tamale where I started my mission. Also two weeks ago my recent convert who I have mentioned in previous letters received the priesthood and just last Sunday gave his first talk in sacrament meeting. He sounded like he had been in the church for years!! He really is doing great and has started bringing his wife and 3 kids along for the past 3 Sundays as well. I am sad to leave this place when the success is starting to come but there are people who need me in Techiman as well. I also have been teaching a woman who I thought was not very serious, but last Sunday she showed up to church on time with her 2 kids. It was very nice to see them at church but the only down side is that the church is under renovation and looked like a swimming pool last Sunday. It was somehow embarrassing, but I just hope that they were able to feel the spirit.
I am very excited to go to Techiman where my companion is just a greenie. I think he just finished his training recently but his name is Elder Wilson if i am not mistaken. Next time you hear from me... I will be in Techiman where the light actually stays on 90% of the time.

I love you all and I love this work that I am doing. It has touched many peoples' lives and has greatly touched mine in a way that I cannot express.
Till Next Time,
Elder Cornelius

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jesus and I . . .ya pretty much best friends! haha

Another week of being in the service of our Master has its effects both negative and positive. The positive side is that Heavenly Father has put some nice prepared people in our path to teach and discuss the gospel. The negative side of doing the work so much is that I am very tired physically. You know that the spirit is willing but the flesh is week.
This week was actually really nice. We met some serious people who we are now going to teach and also I have been studying a ton of scriptures and getting a new light on them. So you can say this week was a success.
Yesterday at church, the attendance of the branch was 35 people total including children. The total membership is 110 people. This 35 was counted at the end of the first hour of church. Ya it was pretty embarrassing.
My companion and I are doing well. My companion and I are working our best to help this branch in Nkawkaw to grow and thrive on its own. We have seen that as we seek help from the lord to do his work, we are guided by his spirit to those that he has prepared to receive this message. Praying does work... try it!
Just thought about it but after this week and the next I only have 5 transfers left. During a mission there are 17 transfers, but to think that I am down to 5 left... ya time is flying. But I do love every minute of it whether it is spent under the sun or in the dark during dumso, all of the experiences are helping to grow and improve. I love you all very much and I am excited for Easter. During Easter, people all around the world travel to come and do paragliding up on the mountains. They also love to party and somehow forget all about the real meaning of Easter. These people are really crazy yet I love them and it is now time for me to let them know that our Savior lives.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and ponder upon the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ. What does Easter mean to you?
Elder Cornelius

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happiness . . .deserved or earned? Week 65 on mission.

Greeting from the motherland of Africa to all!!!!

Yes, there is a point in time when you reflect how long you have been on mission and realize that you are old on mission and your time is running out. I think I have had this experience this last week. I cannot believe that I have been in Ghana for 15 months now. It just seems surreal.

This week was pretty good. My companion and I actually talked to each other and had real discussions about life and the missionary work... which is unusual for my companion to talk. So that was a big improvement. Also we found some pretty cool new people to teach but one of the biggest problems in a village is that people travel into town or the bush during the day to work and then they return late at night to eat and then sleep. So it is hard for them to fit God into their lives as they say. But when we do meet with them, the spirit is strong and they do realize the difference when we are present and when we are not.