Monday, March 30, 2015

Jesus and I . . .ya pretty much best friends! haha

Another week of being in the service of our Master has its effects both negative and positive. The positive side is that Heavenly Father has put some nice prepared people in our path to teach and discuss the gospel. The negative side of doing the work so much is that I am very tired physically. You know that the spirit is willing but the flesh is week.
This week was actually really nice. We met some serious people who we are now going to teach and also I have been studying a ton of scriptures and getting a new light on them. So you can say this week was a success.
Yesterday at church, the attendance of the branch was 35 people total including children. The total membership is 110 people. This 35 was counted at the end of the first hour of church. Ya it was pretty embarrassing.
My companion and I are doing well. My companion and I are working our best to help this branch in Nkawkaw to grow and thrive on its own. We have seen that as we seek help from the lord to do his work, we are guided by his spirit to those that he has prepared to receive this message. Praying does work... try it!
Just thought about it but after this week and the next I only have 5 transfers left. During a mission there are 17 transfers, but to think that I am down to 5 left... ya time is flying. But I do love every minute of it whether it is spent under the sun or in the dark during dumso, all of the experiences are helping to grow and improve. I love you all very much and I am excited for Easter. During Easter, people all around the world travel to come and do paragliding up on the mountains. They also love to party and somehow forget all about the real meaning of Easter. These people are really crazy yet I love them and it is now time for me to let them know that our Savior lives.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and ponder upon the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ. What does Easter mean to you?
Elder Cornelius

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happiness . . .deserved or earned? Week 65 on mission.

Greeting from the motherland of Africa to all!!!!

Yes, there is a point in time when you reflect how long you have been on mission and realize that you are old on mission and your time is running out. I think I have had this experience this last week. I cannot believe that I have been in Ghana for 15 months now. It just seems surreal.

This week was pretty good. My companion and I actually talked to each other and had real discussions about life and the missionary work... which is unusual for my companion to talk. So that was a big improvement. Also we found some pretty cool new people to teach but one of the biggest problems in a village is that people travel into town or the bush during the day to work and then they return late at night to eat and then sleep. So it is hard for them to fit God into their lives as they say. But when we do meet with them, the spirit is strong and they do realize the difference when we are present and when we are not.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Just another week in the bush . . .plus a field trip.

Hey fam and friends!

This week was pretty cool. This morning we did take a small hiking trip up the mountain. Also,after 4 months, I am planning on a baptisms for this father who use to be a Seventh Day Adventist. He has also been bringing his family to Church so we are thinking after his baptisms the rest of the family will hopefully join. The man and his wife are already looking at the temple as their goal.  The branch on the other hand is still something else. If there were no missionaries in Nkawkaw the branch would probably collapse. There is just too much laziness in this branch and the leadership is somehow.. not 100%. So this week we will be visiting the members with the church handbook and all the duties for all the callings and we will let all the members with a calling know of their duties. Hopefully, if they know their duties and do them... everything else will fall in to place.

Other than that, all is well in Africa at this time. The work is progressing but slowly. Hope you all have a great week and continue to call upon your Savior at all times and not only in times of need.

Love you all,
Elder Cornelius 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Transfer News . . .

Hey Family and Friends
This week was nothing special except that we received transfer news on Saturday night. But before I talk about the big news, let me review the days preceding Saturday. 

Monday I went to Kumasi and saw tons of missionaries around and it was nice to be able to greet them and know they are doing fine. It reminded me of civilization again haha, but I do enjoy being in the bush/village.

Tuesday - was district meeting. I instructed the District on working with members and branch leaders to progress the work. It seems that is the biggest challenge in the Ghana branches. The members do not want to go out with the missionaries and be fellow shippers to the investigators and new members. The goal is to become more effective and efficient missionaries even if we teach a lower amount of lessons. This upcoming Sunday we will be having a meeting with the branch presidency and will discuss these matters and we will see what they say.

Wed - Friday . . .just normal proselyting days. Nothing much.

Saturday - In the evening I got a call from the Zone leaders giving me the district's transfer news. So it turns out that only one of the elders in the district is being transferred and he is going to Tamale haha. So I will be in Nkawkaw another transfer with my companion. The apartment is still the same 4 elders.. so nothing really changed for us. But it will be another transfer with new beginnings and new goals.
Today two of the missionaries in our apartment traveled to Kumasi to buy some things so the apartment was nice and quite and I was actually able to relax small and take a nap. You know me and my naps... it is a must every now and then haha. 
Things are going pretty well in Nkawkaw. Their are challenges but nothing that cannot be overcome. It is a good learning experience and I am looking forward to coming out on top because of these experiences here. I love the gospel and know that it is as true as me breathing right now. As long as I live I will know and testify that this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true and living church of the Father. Jesus Christ is my savior and friend. I am grateful for what he has done for all of us and for the real redeeming power that can be felt from day to day. I love all of you and am thankful for those who support me in this decision to serve the people of Ghana by giving them the gospel for their salvation sake. God bless you all and have a wonderful week. Look for the blessings that are given to you whether big or small... but trust me they are there
~ Elder Cornelius ~