Monday, March 9, 2015

Just another week in the bush . . .plus a field trip.

Hey fam and friends!

This week was pretty cool. This morning we did take a small hiking trip up the mountain. Also,after 4 months, I am planning on a baptisms for this father who use to be a Seventh Day Adventist. He has also been bringing his family to Church so we are thinking after his baptisms the rest of the family will hopefully join. The man and his wife are already looking at the temple as their goal.  The branch on the other hand is still something else. If there were no missionaries in Nkawkaw the branch would probably collapse. There is just too much laziness in this branch and the leadership is somehow.. not 100%. So this week we will be visiting the members with the church handbook and all the duties for all the callings and we will let all the members with a calling know of their duties. Hopefully, if they know their duties and do them... everything else will fall in to place.

Other than that, all is well in Africa at this time. The work is progressing but slowly. Hope you all have a great week and continue to call upon your Savior at all times and not only in times of need.

Love you all,
Elder Cornelius 

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