Monday, May 11, 2015

Howdy . . .I guess it's Monday again!

Well I do not have much to say since I did say a lot over Skype to my parents, but I hope every mom had a good mothers day.
Mothers are needed so much in this world and are really what helps the world go round. Skyping was great and really felt sort of funny because nothing has really changed in the last 2 years.

Over here in Ghana - nothing has really changed. It is the rainy season but only rains maybe once a week. The weather is like the 80's - 90's and is pretty nice.
Yesterday my father asked me a question "So is what you are doing over there working?" I can say "Yes."  It is working considering I am bringing souls to Christ and helping them open the gates of their salvation. Even if I did not bring but one person into the church... I would still call it a success. Now I am thankful that I have brought more than one into the church and to the knowledge of the truth. I am happy that I have been given this opportunity to teach these people the gospel or the "good news" about Christ and his atonement and how Christ came to die for us so that we can be saved. I am happy that I have a sense of direction in my life and I can help others gain a sense of direction also through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This work is great.
I love you all and next time there will be some pictures and more information. Keep it real and rely on your savior.

~ Elder Cornelius ~

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