Sunday, January 5, 2014

Email #1 (MTC) I'm Safe!


This would be your son. I am writing you from the MTC to tell you that I have arrived safely and that it is sooo hot here! In New York, I met up with 6 other american missionaries and we flew to Accra. Once we landed in Accra, everything was different! I stepped out of the plane and within seconds, I was sweating. We cleared customs and met up with the MTC workers and some missionaries and were only asked about 5 times for money. Then, we waited for other missionaries from different countries to arrive at the airport. Ends up we packed this tiny bus with 15 missionaries and drove to the MTC. Now let me tell you about the drive
over here... everyone on the street is trying to sell you things. There are no markings on the road for lanes or anything.  Their only rule for driving is not to hit anyone. Literally, we were going off road, then back on the road, then swerving through traffic and all this crazy stuff.  I thought I was gonna die. Oh, and we did see one fruit truck completely rolled over and on its roof.  Also, it is not English they speak here! I can barely understand a word that they say, but they all try to have a sense of humor and are nice. (Even the beggars on the street who try to sweet talk their way into getting you to pay them money.) The MTC president and his wife are super nice and... white haha. Sorry if my emails are not too long here at the MTC - these keyboards are completely different.  I had my first meal in the MTC and it was not that great.  They are telling me that my time is up now, so I will talk with you guys later.

All is well,

Elder Cornelius