Monday, January 27, 2014

Email #7 (Tamale-Lamashigu) This Mission is No Joke!

So today I will be sending short emails personnally to everyone so sorry if this is not lengthy.

Thank you for your words of encouragement because this mission is not as fun and happy as I make it sound. One missionary that was in the MTC with me has already dropped out and flown home.  This mission is no joke and it is super hard. I might joke about the goats and the people but really it is super hard. Every day we are out from 1-8 tracting and teaching in 100+ weather. There are no such things as clouds here so we just endure through it all. We walk from 10-25 miles each day and have little to no water.  The only time we drink water is if we are in the apartment because we are not allowed to carry backpacks at all, but it does make the work much sweeter when someone is actually interested in listening to the gospel and cares enough to give us a little water. There is this one guy - he is christian and is educated. We taught him from 6:00 pm-8 about the restoration and about baptism.  I cannot tell you how strong the spirit was because I started baring my testimony and using scriptures and all this stuff that I did not know was in me.  I testify that it was not me saying these things, but it was the spirit guiding my words so that this guy could understand the importance.  At the end of the lesson and my testimony, this guy who is about 35, said to me "I don't know what to say.  I am just impressed."  He was freaking impressed with an 18 year old new beginner missionary!!  Whoop Whoop talk about the spirit punching him in the face!  But ya it was cool to have that experience. Oh, and I got my first FM or, in other words, free meal. It was just rice and beans and a little sauce and a guinea fowl.  It was pretty nice. Time is not on my side today so please update me next week with the Broncos score and highlights! I love you guys soooo much and miss you so very much! I dream about Rexburg and home and sometimes it can be hard to refocus on mission work, but thank you for supporting me and helping me make this decision that will bless my life and more importantly bless the lives of many others in Ghana.

Elder Cornelius


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