Monday, July 14, 2014

Just another day in Kumasi . . .but it is a special day for me!

Hey Everyone!
This week was my third week in Kumasi and I am just loving it. The people are really great and most of them speak great English. This week went by super quick and we had a lot of success as a companionship. At church we had 4 of our investigators come and they even conducted the entire sacrament meeting in English. It seems like usually they conduct everything in Twi so you can imagine that it gets pretty tough for us missionaries since we cannot speak the language. Oh and to mention that the missionaries have been teaching these 4 investigators for over a year and have not been to church in over 6 months or so, now to see them come to church and meet the members and make friends there, I think it is pretty cool. 
My companion is trying to stay more focused on the work because his mind can get focused on going home in 2 weeks. I don't blame him though. It is good that he still cares for these people and wants to see them baptized.
I love you all very much and continue to thank those who email me. I am about to go and enjoy my p-day and celebrate a very special day for myself!!! Maybe not an American Ice-cream cake or any candles but I can celebrate with some sweet fufu or a little enjoyment by going to a fine Ghanaian restaurant ahaha. Well I hope that everyone back in the USA or those who are serving the Lord around the world are doing great and they are enjoying life. To those missionaries receiving this message.... stay strong and continue to ponder your purpose and then strive to fulfill it. The prophet said one cool quote that can apply to us all and it goes like this....
"Get on your knees and pray then get on your feet and work!"
If we give it our all in life, we can expect Heavenly Father to give his all as well and help us when we are in need.
Love ya guys and talk to you next week.
Elder Cornelius

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