Monday, August 25, 2014

MISSION... yup its still pretty cool to be on His side and PICS

Hey there family and friends!
Ghana is sweet. The weather is nice and I see the months just passing by like the tro tros on the road (vans/buses). Mission life is sweet!

I am doing fine and am learning so much. I am studying Jesus the Christ still along with the New Testament trying to really figure out about the life of Jesus and his apostles. Still the students are not back in the university yet, even though they should have been back 3 weeks ago, because of the ebola stuff. Most of the students are from other countries so they have to make sure that none of them bring ebola here or else that means Elder Cornelius and about 300 other missionaries are coming back to the US to finish our missions. So we are still with a ward that is only half full since most of the members are students. My companion Elder Agbeko and I are just enjoying each other’s company since we are MTs and I am the senior companion, meaning that we do the work and still have fun at the same time. Mission has taught me a lot. I cannot wait to go back home and be able to lead others by my example. These 2 years are flying by way too fast. Every day I take time to look around and try to take as much of this time in as I can because I know someday I will be wishing I was back here in Africa teaching these people the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am treasuring every moment that I have during this time, whether they be tough or sweet, all of them will be a memory that I will miss in the future.

I love every moment of having this opportunity to be in a place where the Lord needs Bobby Cornelius to preach His gospel to His children. Sometimes it is not easy doing this work but it is nice knowing that I can have peace. “In the world ye (me) shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." John 16:33. Jesus has already suffered these things therefore there is no need for me to fear or worry. After all I am on His side :)
I love each one of you in different ways and I pray for you guys every day. I hope you are all doing fine and are making Him proud of what you are doing... if not, then change it and do something worthwhile. Use your time wisely because time is not waiting for any one. Make the best out of every moment and remember that the best cure for anything is smiling and laughing. GO and make someone’s day through your smile or through your humor :)
God bless you,
Elder Cornelius

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