Monday, February 2, 2015

Greetings from Africa! God Loves Us.

Well this week was like a roller coaster. There were some very great moments and days, yet also the other end as well. I am telling myself almost every day that trials are making me a better man. Let's just say that these days the trials are plenty. This week, we have had power the total of 20-30 hours and none of those hours are during the night when we need a fan. The next thing during the week was that our water ran out twice and the well where we fetch water has dried up.. so we were using drinking water to bathe and do our wash... and on top of that the apartment refrigerator died. This is almost at the point of being too much to handle. So, those are the down/dips in the roller coaster week.
Now lets talk about the ups.  I did have a nice experience while teaching this week. I have one investigator that is very intelligent and is a Seventh Day Adventist.  He loves asking questions and loves arguing with us missionaries. We have been teaching him for some time now and he is starting to realize through his efforts of coming to church and praying that the things we teach him are true. This last Saturday I went to his house with the 1st counselor to the Branch President. We were just teaching a simple lesson about the scriptures and how we use more than just the bible (The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price). He has always had many questions, but I was able to answer them to his satisfaction. Then he presented a question that I have heard many times in Ghana being: Why do you missionaries always go around house to house and not just get on the radio or television stations and preach. When he asked this question, I felt the spirit immediately give me the answer. First the 1st counselor tried answering the question and then my companion tried answering the question, but he still did not understand to his satisfaction. Then I told him something that the current apostle had stated in a stake conference video. I told him that the work we are doing is actually not our work but the Lord's work. When the Lord was alive on the earth, he sent missionaries two by two to preach the gospel. And now he still sends them two by two to declare his message to everyone. I told him that we have a modern day prophet who is President Thomas S. Monson who leads the church by revelation. I told him that it has been revealed to the prophet that missionaries are to go around and teach individuals and not be broadcast on radios for Ghana. My investigator mainly wanted the message to get to everyone and to everyone fast so that certain confusions would cease. Now I told him that this is the Lords work and that the Lord will be the one leading it and guiding it and not man. We missionaries are only doing what the Lord expects.
Now through this lesson, my testimony about our current prophet Thomas S. Monson really deepened. It also deepened the testimony of the member that was with us because yesterday in testimony meeting at church, he bore testimony about our current prophet and what it means to him to have a prophet. He even retold the story a little and it just proved to me that the spirit is the one carrying our message into the hearts of others.
I know that God loves us and gives us trials to make us stronger for things to come. Heavenly Father has given us His son to die for us and redeem us. He has given us prophets from the time of Adam down until this present day to teach us and help us return to live with God. Heavenly father has given us the knowledge of how to return back to him and it comes in a form of scripture. He has placed each individual in a family and cares for each individual. He even gives us commandments or guidelines and when we keep His commandments.  He is generous enough to give us blessings as well. I know that God loves us equally and is trying His best to return each of his children to live back with Him. Count your blessings and you too will know that you are loved by your Father in Heaven and many more.
I love all of you and miss y'all much!

~ Elder Cornelius ~

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