Monday, January 26, 2015

Greetings from Ghana

Hey there Family and Friends!
This week I was able to receive my new companion and the new district members. In our apartment currently there is My companion (Elder Lekoko from Botswana) and I, and also the other companionship; Elder Maribana (South Africa) and Elder Nielson (South Utah). So, there are four of us in the apartment. The other apartment of missionaries is right next to the chapel about ten minutes away in a taxi and there are also four elders in that apartment as well. My companion is a cool guy. The only thing is that he is quite and for me that is wahala (problem) because I need someone that I can talk to and communicate. Maybe Heavenly Father wants me to close my yap and just listen more.. maybe I will that a try.

This week was slow none the less. Most of my time was spent contacting new people and "trying" to teach them the gospel. I say try because now a days people are not wanting us to discuss with them. The other part of my time was spent traveling to give Baptismal Interviews. On Friday, I went up to the Mountains to give one companionship two people. And on Saturday I went to Domeabra to interview the Zone Leaders investigators for their baptisms as well. Domeabra is about 2 hours away just for the info. So this week was a bit tiring as you could imagine but I am just trying to "Put my Shoulder to the Wheel" and endure these hard times and embrace the sweet times when they come.
I love you all so much and I do know that what I am doing out here in Africa can only help me and others that I come in contact with. These experiences that I am having here in Ghana are... priceless Even if the experiences are not spiritual like chickens riding on the backs of goats or using a 19 century computer to email home. The time that I am having is bittersweet.
God Bless you all and talk to you next week,
Elder Cornelius

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