Monday, January 19, 2015

Service is my way to express love to all! Pics included.

Well this email might be short but this last week was nothing special. We did receive transfer news late Saturday night. Turns out that my companion is leaving to Kumasi on Wednesday and my MTC mate Richardson is leaving to the northern half of Ghana. In the District we are getting 3 new people. My new companion is from Botswana and we are getting one American and one Nigerian as well.  This week we did a ton of service for our investigators. We came up with this idea of making a shower for one of them because usually they just shower outside and let people walk by and look because they have nothing to cover their bodies with as they bathe.

We also did some weed cutting for another family, but we forgot to bring the camera for that one. We used a machete to cut down weeds that are taller than us and we helped the family prepare a piece of their land for farming.  This morning I was reflecting on how old on mission I am and reflecting on how much I have learned and grown. It truly is amazing what the Lord can do to me when I remove myself from the worldly things and make time for him in my life. It is really awesome that now I can tell when the spirit is coming and going because I have developed that spiritual sensitivity allowing me to know when the spirit is talking to me and when the spirit is not pleased as well. Everyday as I work in the Lord's vineyard, I cannot describe the joy that comes from seeing others come to the light and truth of the gospel. This mission is sweet, tough, tiring, yet rewarding in many ways. The Church is true and is guided by our Resurrected Lord through the Prophet Thomas S. Monson. This is the small testimony that I can give at this time.
I love you all very much and miss you. I continue to pray for each of you day and night.
Elder Cornelius

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