Monday, January 12, 2015

Where Is Your Heart? Mine Was Sick. haha

Hey there family and friends!
This week was a nice one but also one of learning too. The week started off by me gathering my district members and traveling 2 hours to Kumasi for Zone Conference. Zone Conference is when multiple Zones come together to hear some instruction from our Mission President. So our Zone Conference was on Tuesday from 10-4 pm. We did take a 45 min break for lunch in between but it was a very long meeting none the less. The mission president gave some great council on missionaries working with members and the difference between when we do work with them and when we don't. Lets just say that it is very effective and essential that missionaries involve the members in the work always. He also congratulated us on having reached the mile stone of 1000 baptisms in the year of 2014 as a mission.

That same night I was very fortunate to become sick and throw up all that I had eaten the past few days. I did not sleep that whole night and was constantly washing out a bucket if you know what I mean. So on Wednesday the Mission nurse did not allow me to proselyte because I could not hold any food down. I told her that I just would not eat until after I finished proselyting but she told me to just get some rest... so that is what I did Wednesday.

Friday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I had to travel an hour and a half away to their area and then my companion took one of the Zone leaders back to our area while I stayed in the Zone Leaders area. We tried to go to a farm to do some service but turns out that there were two funerals so the whole town was shut down because of it. So the splits were not all that effective but I came back home later that night to find my companion throwing up as well. I don't know if it is the weather and all the dust that is in the air but a ton of people are getting sick around here. Some mornings you will wake up and go over to your desk and find a layer of dirt that collected just over the night. It is kind of crazy.
Anyway... that is most of what happened this last week. I also did learn something though as I was watching an apostle of the Church speak during Conference. He said something like "Our decisions determine our destiny." The things we choose to do and the decisions that we make determine our future. So consider what future it is that you desire and make decisions that will get you there. He also said something something on the likes of this: "The things you treasure, there your heart will be also". What is it that you treasure? Is it gold? Money? Family? Work? The Gospel? Do you treasure heaven and the things it has to offer like blessings.. if so what are the decisions you are making to determine that Heaven is your destiny? Just a thought. He also said that when we lay up treasures in heaven, they will benefit us more than when we lay up treasures on this earth.
I do love this gospel and love being apart of Heavenly Fathers Church, especially being a missionary who proclaims the restored truths that we need to know to get back to Him. I love you all and do miss you very much.
Elder Cornelius 

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