Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Email #9 (Tamale-Lamashigu) A Day Late

Hello Everyone!

I want to say sorry for not emailing yesterday, there was a problem with getting money out of the bank. So they had to work on the problem, thus pushing P-day ,one day back. But, I am happy to email today!

So this week was just average again, but time is starting to go by pretty fast considering that this is my 6th week here in Tamale, Ghana. The people are starting to recognize us when we pass by. One thing that must be noted is that my companion and I are pioneer missionaries and we just opened the area that we are in. So we started from nothing. No maps, no knowledge of anything. We just started walking around and contacting people and we are slowly, slowly, but surely building the church here in Tamale. It is nice that when we walk by people are starting to call our name and say "Come and lets chat."  haha  Seems like we are doing our job sufficiently when that happens.  This week I taught some powerful lessons about the Book of Mormon. I now realize how the real teacher in those situations is the Holy Ghost and that I am only the mouthpiece. The Mission President came to Tamale this weekend and held a specialized training for the new missionaries and gave us some powerful advice. He quoted Moroni Ch 10:27. He also explained how we should all pray. It is commonly mistaken that we pray for others to just believe and to gain a testimony and so forth, but what we should really be praying for is that Heavenly Father will allow us to know what to say so that we can strengthen their testimony and come to know it is true. We must be praying for ourselves to be more perfected and stronger so that we can better teach the people we meet because it is through our example and through our word that people can come to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true and living church on the earth. 

My Time is small today but I would like to share some pictures.

This is the dinner that the President Treated my companion and I to after our training meeting. It is american pizza and we had malts. (Look it up, because it is not like chocolate malts but it is a yummy drink.)

This is the bird that I caught. It got into our apartment and we were contemplating eating it but it looked too cute. (Te real reason we didn't eat it was because there was not enough meat, so it wasn't worth the effort to pluck the feathers and all that stuff.)

This is Elder Ekpo, my companion, holding the pigeon.
That is the excitement of the week but hopefully there will be more exciting and memorable times in the future.

Thanks again for the emails and for supporting me in this long and crazy adventure.

~Elder Cornelius~

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