Monday, February 24, 2014

Email #10 (Tamale) Holy Heat!

Hello once again.

This is just going to be a summarized email because this computer is a little slow and outdated but it is cool.
As far as toughness goes.. Yup it still is hard as can be here. The Tamale sun is not easy and is only getting hotter, but as the sun gets hotter... I only get stronger... and more burnt. I have been working out small small and I think I will soon be a different man, a skinnier man! But don't get too excited because as you know I will eat everything that I can because I Love food! I have found this cool gym place and I dont remember if I told you about it last time but it is cool to work out with these HUGE guys who only lift all day, everyday. So there is little Salaminga (white man) with his roughly 20 pound weights doing curls and next to me is this man who is curling about 80 pounds.. ya its pretty cool haha. These guys just laugh at me but then I think to my self that my job in Ghana is not to get ripped but to serve God ... and survive.

Next, music... I cannot tell you how much I miss my country music and all the things that kept me going back home :( Sometimes I will walk around while we are trying to find people to teach and just sing country songs and my companion will just look at me like I am insane. Dont worry as far as America goes down here, I am representing it all the way with the songs and the things that I do.

Ghana is pretty cool though. I have learned to accept the ways and the people and the lifestyle. I will admit  when I do see a white person, I get very excited and always want to just run over to them and talk because sometimes you forget here that whites even exist.  haha.

I have noticed that at this point in my mission, that the routine just seems normal, like now that I know all the teaching methods to we use to help others come unto Christ, I feel as if I am only waiting on time and waiting on our investigators to accept the message that we bring to them. I have noticed that my testimony has boosted through the roof as I continue to study and learn through my experiences. I have now completed Alma in the Book Of Mormon and I am continuing to progress.

I hope all of you are doing well and that school, jobs, and life is going smoothly. It is sometimes weird to think that I will not encounter those things for 2 years, but as far as it goes for you.. just endure and enjoy life as it comes. You have it way too nice and sometimes we take advantage of what we have. If you were to come here and witness this lifestyle and these things, you would literally just want to stay in America. (Especially air conditioning... there is none here.)
Today I got another hair cut and we spent 2 hours washing clothes... oh what I would do for a simple washing machine!!!!
I love you very much and I enjoy your emails every time. I take pictures of them and read them on my camera through out the week. It makes me smile every time that I read your emails. Just keep in mind that YOU are on my mind every day and that this is no easy work over here. So enjoy the daily routine that you have now cause it can always be worse than what it is.

Peace out from Tamale, Ghana until next Monday!

Elder Cornelius

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