Monday, April 14, 2014

Email #16 (Tamale) Personal Family Letters


Thank you for the email.
I could not be more proud of you being the leader in our home and especially for taking my mother on this wonder journey that will completely change her life. Help her along in the scriptures and the gospel and she will help you along with the love for everyone. I know that you guys will be great and that everyone there in D.C. will love you guys especially since you will probably be the youngest senior couple missionaries. Go and convert those to the truth but don't force. Show them the light and let them walk towards it. This is something that my mission president has been telling us missionaries here and may be able to apply to you as well.

Elder Cornelius


Mom, I am so proud of you! You do not realize completely what a mission means but soon you will. It means that you will be serving our master and savior Jesus Christ and his Father/Our Father. It means that you will be putting the old Sherry Lynn White in the trash and be creating a complete new person. It means that you will know and love this doctrine and gospel. That reminds me, what is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Do you know? Please tell me what the "Gospel" is. It also means that you will no longer be the one in class asking the questions that are very simple. You will now be the one answering the questions and expounding the doctrine to others so that they can realize and have their eyes opened. It means that you will be receiving blessings you did not know existed.
You are about to embark on such a spiritual experience and are about to be remolded so to speak. Right now you may say that you know and love the gospel, but it isnt until you really dive deep down into it through missionary work that you come to realize how little you know and love it. Just be prepared to be spiritually uplifted into another world haha.

I love you so very much mom and never thought that you would be serving a Mission! I couldn't be happier how the Lord has taken care of us and our family. Even Brit he is still watching over her and waiting for her. Patience and endurance is key to her conversion on our part.
As far as packages go... you should know that I love receiving them and am sooooooooooooo GRATEFUL!! Just knowing that you took the time to do these things for me is such a blessing and warms my heart with out extent. The washing machine is... pretty useful but also kind of cheesy. haha  It is a lot better than hand washing though and the other missionaries like using it too. I think I got it on Saturday or so but, it is doing well. It doesn't get every bit of dirt out like our machines back home but I sometimes will run it multiple times and it does the trick. For you guys to send me that kind of money for something that is not NEEDED, it such a blessing and really shows me how much you guys care and love me. I do appreciate it.
Keep studying and learning. That is the most important thing to know. You cannot give what you don't have, right? So, if you are lacking the knowledge of the gospel and of doctrine, how are you suppose to teach it to others? Think about that . . also remember that the Lord is on your side mom and that he will help you if you do your part.. so Fear Not!

Okay so my time is up for today but I want to thank the both of you for all that you have done for me and are continuing to do for me. Also for the motivation that you guys gave me to go on this mission that will ulimately change my life. I cannot thank you any more. I love you guys very much and just know that nothing new has happened over here except that we traveled to techiman for zone conference and I will send those pics next week.

I am proud of the both of you. Love you guys and I will talk to you next week.
me dÉ” e - I Love You
Elder Cornelius

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