Monday, April 28, 2014

Email #18 (Tamale) Zone Conference in Techiman

So David was baptized...

The weather is nice... not rainy season yet. That will be in June.
Not much that is new..
I put a lot of photos on Dropbox and 1 video of someone pounding FUFU. 
Sorry for the short email, but there is just not much to talk about this week.  Sorry.

I love you and I am very proud of you in your decision to serve a mission. Dad was a little jealous that you were able to speak to me on the phone, but he understands the reason why. Keep up the studies because you will be using PMG everyday.

I'm about to enjoy our zone activity.  We are going to eat fried rice and a lot of chicken and beans and a bunch of juice..... that is what we call enjoyment here.

Love you very much,
Elder Cornelius

anyame teaseni nye e kɔpem yɛ nhyiamu biom
Just some small twi for you..
It means God be with you til we meet again.

This is Techiman.

These are the Elders and Sister who happened to wear purple at Zone Conference.  

My African exploration found me an alligator!

This is me with my father and brother!  The Nigerian is Ekpo, my trainer.  He also trained the other white guy making us family, so to speak.

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