Monday, April 21, 2014

Email #17 (Tamale) Easter

Dear Everybody,

As far as ME goes, I am doing okay. Not great and not toooo bad but just managing. The sun is finally decreasing and we have encountered some small rain but nothing too big yet. The humidity is starting to pick up but the weather overall is not too bad.
Can you believe that I have been in Ghana for 4 months now? Time is just flying by my eyes and it seems so unrealistic. As far as baptisms go... I was on track to baptize one man David, but as my District Leader interviewed him, it turns out he has a problem with keeping the word of wisdom so I will be working with him a bit longer before I soak him in the font. But one good thing about him is that he is coming to church every week and is willing to leave his "family church" to come and follow the truth. So maybe he will be baptized in May.

The other week we traveled to Techiman, which is in another city in Ghana and I was able to meet some other missionaries and saw about five from America. Our mission president spoke to us there and gave us some deep council and really lit the fire once again to go and do this work with authority and power.

My Easter here was spent teaching Priesthood class, Sunday School, blessing the Sacrament, and baptizing one of the sisters' investigators and also going out and teaching people for six hours in rainy weather. So, ya you could say that my Easter Sunday was dedicated to the Lord and his work haha.
I would love to talk more but I am using a terrible Internet cafe since the good one I usually use is closed because of Easter. I cannot connect my camera card to this computer for some reason so I cannot upload pictures of some of the recent events and trips that we had so sorry for that.

I will try to upload some next week. I love you guys and will talk to you next week.

Elder Cornelius

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