Monday, September 22, 2014

Dumso Dumso in Ghana and New PICS

Hey Jack! 

Last night I was thinking about Duck Dynasty and thinking about Dr. Pepper and all that good stuff. But lets be real.. all those things are just temporal in this life... but to be honest those things are also necessities for me.  haha. How are yall doin? I dont know why but this last week has felt like a full month. It was just dragging. Finally Sunday rolled around and we were able to baptize this 29 year old man.  We found him when I needed my hair cut. Happens that he lives in his barbering shop and lives off of the small money he makes cutting hair. Yesterday when we baptized him, I have never seen Him so happy and so at peace. I also was super happy and can tell that this gospel is what he was been needing his entire life. Now he finally has it and I have the opportunity to watch how it starts to change his life and see how it blesses his life. He has a girl friend in a different region of Ghana who is very ill. All the little money that he makes, he sends it to her to help her family pay for the hospital bills. He has had twins with the girl friend and is planning on marrying her but he does not have money to pay the bride price. He told me that he knows that after he is baptized and receives the Holy Ghost, that he knows that his situation will get better and that God will help his learn English so that he can get a better job. Right now he only speaks the local language Twi. I cant believe the faith of some of these recent converts. It really does strengthen my testimony as well.

Now for a little update on Ghana. This last week has been pretty rough. The government is struggling to supply us with electricity. We have had dumso dumso (lights on/lights off) every day this last week. Luckily this morning it came back and we were able to do some wash with the small washing machine y'all bought for me. But when there is no electricity, we have no running water and also the mosquitoes go insane. They have sung me to bed every night... ahhh so annoying. There would not be much problem for me to live with out electricity except for the running water part. We live in an apartment on the 3rd floor and when we have no water, we have to grab buckets and go outside to the public pipe and fetch water. Then we have to carry it back to the apartment and then up the 3 flights of stairs... ya it is SUPER fun hahaha. I guess it is making memories though haha. 
The problem is that when us elders get lazy... the dishes never get cleaned and the rats start coming around and the cock roaches also. So, this last Saturday I chastised all the elders and made them do their dishes since I was the only one doing dishes. Also I am pretty tired of taking showers out of a small bucket. yup just some 3rd world problems for ya.. ahahaha but all is cool.
Other than dumso dumso... Everyone/me is doing fine! It is so nice when I get to see the fruit of my labors. I am studying the scriptures pa pa and am learning sooo much. I am starting to understand them very well also. Ghana is no easy place to be but God has called me to serve here, so that is what I am doing. I am serving the people around me and the missionaries and members that are around me. I am setting the example and humbling myself so that I can lift them up anyway that I can. 

I love this opportunity that I have to serve this mission and to help the people here in Ghana. There is only One Lord, One Faith, and One Baptism. I have found it. I have found the truth (not recently but long time ago) and now I have to chance to help others find it as well. I am happy because of what this gospel is doing to my life. I know that this happiness that I am experiencing is not temporal but is a long lasting kind of happiness because it come from the spirit. I love you all and pray for each of you individually. Talk to y'all next week. 

Peace Out!

Elder Cornelius III

My washing machine!!!

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