Monday, September 8, 2014

Ghana let you know whats up time... haha (I just had to)

Well I would love to share all about church and about all the spiritual things they talk about, but Heavenly Father has not given me the gift of tongues just yet. Every meeting and word they speak is in Twi and I can not understand it yet. So therefore all the spiritual inspiration that I can get is from the scriptures that they use because they are still in the English hahaha. I will tell you that we are starting to have more and more success as a companionship considering that we had 4 investigators at church at 9:00 sharp and one more came around 9:15 which is awesome!
So that was cool to see them at church on time and looking really nice and prepared for sacrament meeting.
Mom and Gary - thanks for the reminder about Gettysburg... because I had totally forgotten everything that is in those history books haha. How was that? It seems like you guys enjoyed your little journey down there. I think that is pretty cool that you got to be in the 360 degree art thing you call a cyclorama. I didnt even know such a thing existed but sounds pretty cool. You should explain what the events are a little better or it might just be me but I dont understand the concept or the idea of what happens and why. Also, keep me updated with Faye and make sure if you extend commitments or invitations that you follow up on them.
So for the service project.. We traveled to the airport and repainted all the curbs white and cut down all the long grasses and did some tree work and just made the airport look nice again. There is a road that leads to the airport that is about 1 mile long and we had to paint the curb on the street white and had to cut all the grasses on the sides of the road down to make it look really nice. Then we took a group photo that I was not able to give you because I was a part of the group so I didn't get to snap a pic of everyone and include myself. Man my english is deteriorating. haha.

The goal setting is going pretty well except for the fact that these people we teach have agency and like to make my appointments, that I make the night before and the morning of, fail. I have learned to master the art of planning and of having back up plans. This week was pretty good. We were able to teach 22 lessons and and had 1 referral contacted and had 4 new investigators found through contacting and had 11 member present lessons. This week we overachieved some of the goals but in others did not achieve them. So this week we will be working on achieving all of our goals and surpassing them if God permits us to. One thing that I am feeling as we do this work is joy and peace. As my companion and I put our best into the work, despite the difficulties, we see the Lord intervene with the work and bless us in ways that were completely unexpected. I know that we do not receive a witness until after the trial of our faith and when our faith is tested and we remain strong and don't murmur, at that time the Lord points us to the one who he has prepared for us to see and teach. I love this work even when the times are tougher than imaginable. I know that the lord throws us curve balls to just make us stronger and prepare us for the future whether this life or the next.

I love you all and wish you a happy week to come,

Elder Cornelius

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