Monday, September 29, 2014

My apologies for the late email!

Ya so I apologize for not emailing yesterday.. it was due to me not being responsible financially and also for Ghana not having power in the area that we email and the place's generator was being worked on... so I am now emailing today.
So for this last week, not too much happened, but I will try to recall the good and tell you about it.
Sunday - Our investigator O was confirmed a member and was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He was sooo happy at church and wanted to go and bear his testimony but it was not fast and testimony meeting so the bishop said to just wait hahaha. He is a cool guy and always loves to tell us that he wants to become one of us as missionaries.
Monday- We missionaries in the ward (6 elders) played a little 3 on 3 basketball even after the sun went down so that was pretty interesting and really fun. It was pretty funny when you saw someone pass the ball, but you could never see where the ball was... so we were just running around the court goofing off and trying to get it in the hoop since it was so dark.
Tuesday - We had Zone meeting. Our zone is pretty large. We have over 30 elders and some have to travel over 2 hours to attend our meeting. Our ZL's are super chill and enthusiastic which is nice. It seems like our Mission is getting better and better at achieving our goals that we set like baptisms and the key indicators and such.
Saturday- We had a fireside at the chapel and watched a Church Educational System video (CES) and it was the apostle M. Russel Ballard speaking to the youth of the church about technology, pornography and temples.  He said some really neat things that do not apply to me at this time.. but he talked about how technology can interfere with the spirits promptings and how we need to be still for some time everyday to be in tune with the spirit. Sometimes we can get caught up in the everyday life and forget about who has given us this life and who is helping us through this life. Also he talked about us visiting the temple even if we are not worthy to enter the temple. The temple grounds are for everyone to see and admire worthy or not. It will actually make someone strive to become worthy to enter the temple because it truly is the house of the Lord.
Yesterday (Monday) - We had a Zone activity. All of us missionaries and some of the ward members and some investigators met at the chapel to play sports. We had a small Frisbee that someone brought. We had a ripstick that someone brought. We played basketball and soccer and American football and we did some relay races and such... it was all really fun but you can image how burnt I got because we were in the sun all day with out sun screen. Ya I am just like a tomato but it was worth it.
I am doing great these days. This mission is a roller coaster at times but it is all in the Lord's hands. I'm just doing as he wishes and watching what he is doing in this mission. I am blessed to be here at this time and I would not trade it for anything, except a huge steak and baked potato or a nice smoked BBQ haha. This church is true and I do love it. Satan is funny at times cause he thinks that he will win but when someone truly humbles themselves and summits through prayer, the Lord always comes out on top and always will.
Jah Bless
Love you all,

Elder Cornelius

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