Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Email - Week 40

Hey Everyone!
This last week was pretty chill. Nothing too much happened, but some good things did come out of it.

On Wednesday, we had a Zone Conference with two other zones and it was really nice. We met at a chapel that is very close. I remember when I use to travel 4 hours to Techiman from Tamale for a Zone Conference. Now a days all I have to do is walk up the street and attend the meeting.
During the Zone Conference, we talked about how we can become better teachers of the gospel and what tools will help us so that we can be more effective. Some of the points that I got out of it were: 1. Teach the doctrine simply but clearly. 2. Teach the lessons in less than 45 minutes if you expect them to want you to come back.  I have come to know that these people’s time is very valuable and if I go and teach a lesson that is taking and hour or more... the person will most likely not want me to come back because his expectation for the next visit will be that I need that same amount of time. 3. Use the tools that God has provided like the Book of Mormon. There are a few very important points in history concerning religion as Latter-Day Saints - 1) The Church being established originally by Jesus Himself when he was on the Earth. 2) The great Apostasy that followed the death of Jesus and the apostles therefore losing that most important priesthood that God gave to man. 3) The appearance of God and Jesus Christ in this dispensation of time to the prophet Joseph Smith.  4) The coming forth of the Book of Mormon. 5) The restoration of the Priesthood.  These 5 things are very important to all of us.  I would like to take note on the order that these things happened starting with Joseph Smith.  He first prayed to God and received his answer verbally from the Son's mouth.  The very next thing that Heavenly Father does is direct Joseph to the golden plates.  During the translating process of the plates, Joseph and Oliver Cowdery prayed.  Then the priesthood was restored and given to them.  It is interesting how the Book of Mormon played/plays such an important role in the Lord's church.  So now when I am teaching people, instead of proving what I say is true with the Bible, I try to teach them through the Book Of Mormon.

Saturday  -  We went to chapel cleaning.  After that, the students from the University and some student that came from Cape Coast arrived.  We then played some basketball and ping pong and soccer (in the rain) with them. It was very fun and good to get associated with the members. Some of them afterwards wanted to help us teach some of our investigators as a member present... so I guess something good did come out of that. Also later in the day we found this guy who is attending the University and comes from a family who worship idols and small gods. He was interested in hearing about God and how we can communicate with Him and how we should worship him. We explained the whole restoration to him and he was very interested and thankful that we came and found him.  He is planning on coming to church this Sunday and hopefully he will progress towards baptism and then will be looking forward even more to attend the temple.
This last week was not too successful but I learned a lot during the week. My companion and I were having some difficulties with each other and also we were not having any success finding new people to teach. Therefore we both were edgy all week and a little down and bummed. What I learned from this is that guys are not meant to be together 24/7. There is a big need for women in guy's lives and this last week there was too much testosterone floating in the air. My companion and I just didn't work well with each other. But, that's all right because each day the sun still rises and after every Sunday begins a new week with new memories and a new start. I also learned that after the trial of your faith you then can receive your witness... meaning that after Heavenly Father tries your faith and you prove that your faith is enough and sufficient, he then will give the blessing or witness. We went from Monday all the way to Saturday before we found a new investigator.  He was trying our faith and I do tell you it was starting to work. My faith was definitely tried since it usually is not that hard. We remained persistent and finally on Saturday the spirit guided us to this one compound and at the back there was one man named Augustine who I already talked about.
This gospel is legit and blesses lives. I do enjoy being here in Ghana, but I do miss you all. Time is really flying so I better use these 2 years wisely. I love you all so very much and I will try to send pics this next week.

Elder Robert James Cornelius III :)

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