Monday, October 27, 2014

3rd new area (Nkawkaw) and a new companion (Elder Hoffman)

Hey sorry this email is sooo late and will not even be complete.
Saturday - I was on splits with my district leader and we ended having nice lessons in my area and had an investigator feed us a nice meal.

Sunday - The day did not go well at all. First was church in Twi and no investigators came, then we tried watching this movie The Other Side of Heaven and the power went out.. so we could not finish.

By the time we were already sleeping around 10:45.. the district leader wakes us up and tells us the Zone Leaders have news for us. Turns out it was transfer news that is 3 days late. I was informed that I am being transferred to a village in the Eastern Region called Nkawakw. I hear a rumor that they speak no English there so this should be pretty fun! They also transferred my companion out of the area and sent him with me to the same zone but different area. I don't know why president would white wash my area when I had 3 baptisms planned this upcoming month of November. So that news was really depressing and the whole ward will be upset with us, but I guess that is how mission goes.

Monday - I and my district leader went for a field trip to climb some mountains and also to see his former recent converts. The place we went was Mampong. It was a nice place that was more or less like forest and dense trees but when you get to the top you can look down on some villages and you can barely see Kumasi. I will try to upload photos next time.

Today - Woke up and did all my wash for two hours and then packed my bags. Then I went to see all my investigators who are serious and told them to remain strong and continue going to church. We also went to the members houses and said our goodbyes and one of the members fed us a nice goodbye meal.

Tomorrow/Wednesday - I will be taking a bus 3 hours to my area. It is far from Kumasi but maybe for Christmas I can travel back to see all the missionaries and to see my recent converts.
That is the small update for now. We will see what the week will be like. Oh, my new companion's name is Elder Hoffman. He is American but I don't know where he is from.
I love you all!

~ Elder Cornelius ~ 

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Rachael said...

Wow! What a crazy week! Sometimes I still can't believe he's living in Ghana!