Monday, November 3, 2014

Nkawkaw Village Halloween

So you can call me a "villager" now.  I have been transferred to Nkawkaw and this place is .... well interesting. If I try to say something to people they can only respond Menti Brofo (I don't hear English). So I am now scrambling to learn the Twi very well so that I can speak to them in sentences and try to communicate. It is hard learning a language that most people can't read or write, but only speak. I have a Twi book that teaches me how to learn Twi, but the problem is I can't read it...or pronounce the Twi alphabet.  haha.
My new companion Elder Hoffman is pretty cool.  Our area.. is just villagers who don't speak English and many farmers who have no education. We are opening a new area in Nkawkaw and are contacting every day trying to find investigator that will progress. It is not easy, but it is good for me and my companion to work on our contacting skills and our teaching skills. We are located on one side of this cool mountain.

I am in a branch with a membership of over 100 people. I was so excited to meet all the members until yesterday I went to Church and found only 26 members attending.  They have more less actives than I could imagine. The problem is that people come and go in this village and rarely will people settle down here.
I am looking forward to getting to know this area and making a difference here. I hope that when I leave this area, people will still be talking about me for a long time. The only way that can be is if I work my hardest and talk to as many people as I can and teach them this Gospel. I am excited to make new memories here and to be able to testify to new people each and every day of the truth I have come to know of by the power of the Holy Spirit.

~ Elder Cornelius ~

P.S. I hope all of you enjoyed your Halloween fun because here we were going to carve watermelons but it was too costly and they were too small so we just ate some ice cream to celebrate. If you have pics of what you did for Halloween, please send them my way. 

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