Monday, November 17, 2014

A private letter to Mom (hope he doesn't mind!) AND PICS

This weekly email has been the best one that you have ever sent. I may or may not have told you that during my time as a missionary I have not teared up not even one time. If you can remember when we were at DIA and you guys came to the gate with me, I don't remember tearing up at that time either. The point is that I am one of those guys who doesn't feel those emotions easily at all. But, as I type here in this cafe at this time... I have a tear rolling down my face because of the things you have said in your email. Just those last two paragraphs somehow hit my soft spot (didn't know I had one) and really touched me.

I have seen you grow in the church. I have witnessed your good days and bad days and now I am witnessing you gaining that testimony that even a lot of members do not have. One that is firm and unshakable. Your simple testimony from your heart has shown me that you really are doing what Heavenly Father expects of you. You said something that I love so much and that is that you are proud of me and are trying to be a better mom everyday. I have not told you the reason that I am serving a mission. The day that Gary promised me a car of my choice (within reason) after my mission - it was pretty set in my heart that I would serve a mission so that I could save myself from buying a car. I also wanted to serve a mission so that I could have that title of RM so that finding a wife would be a lot easier and Sarah really helped push me in the direction of serving a mission as well. Another reason for me serving a mission is because of you mom. I know that you have been let down in so many ways and I knew that if I did not serve a mission, you would be absolutely heart broken and feel like you have failed as a mother. You were one of the biggest reasons for me serving a mission. As a kid, you might have noticed, but I have always been selfless. I don't know why, but my mind always thinks about those around me before myself. I can say that serving this mission had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with those around me.... especially you. Now that I hear you say that I am your pride and joy and I am your world means so much to me considering that just a few years ago I was the kid getting in to trouble doing "basa basa" things and getting very poor grades. Now to see that I have come so far and that I am actually doing something to make you proud brings me such great joy. I love you so much mom and I want you to know that you really have done a great job raising your kids.

Now for what is going on on this side of the world.  As for thanksgiving, I don't think that it is a Ghanaian holiday at all. Most people have not heard of it around here. I think that I will just kill a small chicken and cook that for my turkey dinner. haha. Also I am emailing from Kumasi because my companion is celebrating his 1 year mark on mission today.  So, since I am his companion I have to tag along and enjoy with him... I know what a bummer.  hahaha.

Around Nkawkaw, we are all doing just fine. The dumso dumso is now on a guessable schedule. We can guess when the lights will come and go so we can plan accordingly like ironing and cooking and so forth. For the investigators... most of them are uneducated and cannot speak English or read. So there is a problem with this because 1) they cannot read the Book of Mormon and 2) we cannot communicate the message properly unless we have a translator and even when we do.. when they come to church, it will not all be in Twi, but a majority will be. So we are somehow struggling to find investigators that are elect and will progress. 

For spiritual things, the most spirit that I feel on mission is when I am teaching an investigator and just being able to testify that what I am sharing is true and that I DO KNOW that it is TRUE. People can say that they know something is true, but when that person has actually had a spiritual confirmation, that is when the spirit can be felt by both the teacher and the receiver. Every day I have the opportunity to testify of Joseph Smith and of the Book of Mormon and of Heavenly Father's plan for His children. Each time that I pour out my testimony, whether that person thinks that I am wack or not, I can feel the spirit among us and it brings me the most peace and happiness that I can feel.

I love you Mom so much and I am truly grateful for your love that you show me and all that you do for me. It does not go unnoticed.

Love you so much!

Elder Kofi Owusu (my twi name)

Elder Hoffman and me

Imitating the picture behind us!

All I own in Ghana (blue and white thing is washing machine).

New apartment in Nkawkaw

Just a cute little dog at my investigator's house.

Right in front of the chapel

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