Monday, December 1, 2014

11 Months on Mission, Thanksgiving and More

Hey Family and Friends,

I hope that every one this past week enjoyed their Thanksgiving and all the wonderful food. In Ghana, there is no such holiday as Thanksgiving, but luckily my companion and I are not Ghanian haha so we celebrated a little in a different way than all of you. We went out and taught what it means to be thankful and what we should be thankful for. On that Thursday, we were able to teach new people and tell them how blessed they really are and we taught them how to be thankful for what they have whether it is much or not. As for me, I was able to enjoy a plate of fried rice and two chicken legs with a 1.5 litre of fake Coke. Yup you can say we really went the extra mile to enjoy ourselves haha.

I think that I have already told you all that I put up a Christmas tree in our apartment, but now I have attached the photos of it.

This last week was pretty eventful for being in a small village. On Wednesday, our mission president came out to Nkawkaw to do some baptismal interviews for one of the companionships and since it is a long drive (2.5 hours) he decided to also give some instruction to our districts. He also interviewed all of us Elders. Sister Holmes (Mission president's wife) took some pictures of us and I have attached one of them.  She took a pic of us walking to the chapel. His instruction was more or less us asking doctrinal questions and him answering them. He told us at the end that whenever we are able to discuss gospel doctrine, the spirit is able to rejuvenate our spirit and edify us. The best part was that he told me to buy everyone lunch and gave me 80 cedis or the equivalent to 25 dollars or so.  So, I went out and had some lady prepare a nice rice with a stew and had her fry some plantain for our meal. So ya it was cool seeing the mission president and his wife for a little while.  Also that night, we missionaries planned out a branch activity.  At 6, some of the branch members showed up for the activity, but we were having problems with the Dumso Dumso (meaning that they took the power) so we could not use the projector as planned. Luckily around 7 they brought the light back and more people had showed up. So, we got the member's laptop hooked up and the projector working and started the activity. The activity was themed around missionary work. We had two speakers and in between the speakers I played a Mormon message video.  The first video was titled "Inviting All to Come Unto Christ."  It is a story about one ward with a small priest quorum. In the quorum there was only one active member. He decided to reach out and invite a friend who later joined the church and he then invited others to come to the church and it eventually ended up being about 12 young men in the Priest Quorum who are all active. The last video I showed is title "Because of Him." It reminds us of what Christ did for us and the things that we can do Because of Him. It is a really powerful video. After that, we had a food eating competition because we can and we had five participants. Someone chose me to be a participant without me knowing but that is okay because I still took 2nd place. We had to eat indomie (top ramen) and drink a malt and who ever did it the fastest won. It was really fun and all the branch members enjoyed it and our investigators who came also liked it.

Thursday, obviously was Thanksgiving... so most of the day was me thinking about what y'all were doing back home and the sweet food you would be eating. Also, a lot of time was spent on my knees thanking my Heavenly Father for all the things that he has blessed me with and all the good and not so good times I have had in my life. I have been most grateful for the things that I am learning out here on this mission that are making me in to the man He wants me to be.

That is really all that happened this week. I can say that since Thanksgiving is over I can start listening to Christmas music finally!! My companion said that he hates Christmas music, but I don't know if that is possible so he might dislike me for this month but oh well. I am ready to put on my Christmas spirit and share with everyone I meet the true meaning of Christmas. Hint Hint... it has nothing to do with the wrapped gifts. I love you all very much and miss you a ton. Enjoy this week and ponder what Christmas is really about.


Elder Cornelius

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