Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Update and PICS

Well this week went really well. I am not sure what got into my companion and I but we really did try our very best to find new people to teach despite all our challenges. Every night we would come back and just collapse on the bed and fall asleep because we are so tired and drained. We really did our best to prove to the Lord that we are his missionaries and are willing to preach His gospel and with our full energy and our full self. Even when we were walking and started to tire, we would start walking faster because we knew that if we did, the spirit would lead us to those who have been prepared to listen to our message we have to share. Let me tell you that it did work. We found some people who spoke English and can read very well. (this is super uncommon in our village) We taught them about the restoration and they promised to read the Book of Mormon and they were the ones to schedule a return appointment. This week we will go back and see their progress.
Church: Lately has been going very poorly due to the existing members and their habits. So this last Sunday I sat down with the branch presidency and told them of the existing issues that I have noticed like: sleeping, phone usage, observing the Sabbath, time management, language, cleanliness, etc.  I told them of the issues and I let them come up with the solutions. The best part was that none of them tried to deny the issues because they had noticed them as well, but did not know how to stop it. So we came up with some solutions and hopefully they will help eradicate the problems and make the quality of the branch better. When I bring my investigators to church and they see the members all sleeping and using their phone and not paying attention.... what are they going to think? What if they see all the members sitting straight and focused and in tune with the spirit..then what would they feel and think as well? So, hopefully in the next few weeks the investigators will enjoy the church more because the members are setting a better example and setting a better environment for the spirit to dwell.
As for me, I am doing fantastic. This last Thursday, my Mission President gave me a phone call and told me he wants to call me to be a District Leader of Nkawkaw. So today I was able to go to the District Leader Training.  Now I have the opportunity to serve my district members even more. What a sacred blessing. We also had a branch competition. Branch 1 and Branch 2 had a soccer match and faced each other. It was unfortunate that it ended in a tie at 18-18. Yes the score is very high because we played like forever.  I was in pain during proselyting the next day and the days following... but it was really fun. Really all is going well here in Ghana.
I love you all and wish the best for you. I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you ever take pics.... try to send them this way.--

~ Elder Cornelius ~
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