Monday, December 15, 2014

Nothing New, But a Few Pics - Sorry!

Well this week was nothing much. I was able to take all of my district members accountability report and then give the report to the Zone leaders... it is weird being in charge of a district and having to correct them at times and congratulate them at times, but I guess it is cool and it is going well.

I just want you all to know that I am doing well and I am happy and just waiting for Christmas.  haha. I have some new Christmas music now so I will be playing it around the apartment and just thinking of you guys and how much I love you and miss you. Enjoy the snow and the sweet sweet food. Here it is getting a little cooler, but the dust is getting pretty heavy in the air. Somedays I will leave my apartment and come back only to dust my table off so that I can eat. It is normal though being the "harmattan" season.
I love you all and really I don't have anything to update you with. None of my investigators that I am/was teaching are progressing so we have dropped all of them and are going to start fresh again and be contacting all week everyday and I just pray the Lord will give us someone who is elect and will accept the gospel and welcome the blessing that come with being baptized.
Like I said I love you all so very much and will try to update you much better next week. 

~ Elder Cornelius ~

Pink Baby Chick

 Just another crash in our area

 Biggest plantain that I have seen

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