Monday, October 20, 2014

20-10-14 P-DAY BABY!!!!

Just to say that it is P-day can make my day!
I thank all those who sent emails this week. IT is well appreciated.  Like usual this last week was just... normal haha.
My companion was sick this last week but thanks to a dedicated Elder, he was not able to rest in the apartment. When it comes to sickness, unless you are dying, you dont have my sympathy... sorry. Their are people in my area who have not heard this message of the restoration and who need it...BADLY. So he was a little upset with me that he couldnt just have a day off, but then again I had to remind him that our sacrifices are more dear and sweet to the Lord than our successes.  Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to confirm some of our investigators into the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. They were able to receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost and now they have been set on the strait and narrow path... all they have to do is walk it. With the help of the scriptures.. it is not too difficult.

This last week I have been studying just a little in the 1st and 2nd Nephi in the Book of Mormon and I have been impressed with Nephi. I tell you that this guy is a Champ! I tell ya what... I wish that I could have the faith that Nephi had. When the Lord commanded him to build a ship, he asked where to find the material to build the tools so that he could carry out the Lord's order. If that was me, I just wonder what kind of response would come out of my mouth. It probably would go something like this...."Why could you not just build it for me since I don't know how or even better you could just teleport us to the promised land?" Also, many many times Lehi's family was given difficult challenges to test their faith and yet Nephi was the only one who would remain firm in the faith. Even his father who brought them into the wilderness murmured, but his son Nephi never did. I also have been thinking about how Nephi is always so thankful despite the situation he is in. He could be bound in cords on a ship that is about to sink and yet he is praising and giving thanks to the Lord. Could I do that? Something to remember is that God is never the one who tempts us or tries to make us fall. God is always the one trying to help us out and it is Him who we should raise our voices to. I am now trying to be like Nephi and never complain even if I feel like everything is going the wrong way.
Also I have realized that when we truly understand the scriptures, and we have such a strong desire to follow them to achieve our salvation, we will freely keep all the commandment gladly. When we can get over the commandments being a burden to us and mature to a state of mind that we keep the commandments to show our Heavenly Father that we love him that much and are willing to do whatever it is that he requires of us, I think at that point... our life will be blessed much more and the blessings that He has for us can not be held back. He gives us commandments with a promise of blessings including His spirit and if we keep those commandments, especially willingly, he can not with hold all those blessings and his spirit. This is what I am striving for each and every day.
I love each of you so much and I am beginning to develop a new respect and love for the scriptures that God has given us. Read them and seek to understand them. Once you understand them.. it will be clear what it is that you have to do.
May God Bless ALL of you to have a wonderful week. Keep this quote in mind as you might go through hard times.... "Don't Worry, Be Happy!"

Elder Cornelius III

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