Sunday, March 9, 2014

Senior Missionaries - Orphanage and Tamale

Dear Family and Friends,

For P-Day this week we moved the remaining blocks from the front to the
back.  It was a lot of work.  The Elders really enjoy doing things
together so they kept each other going.

Frank stacked them as the Elders brought them around.

And Mary made us all rice again.

Every Tuesday we have District Meeting and lunch afterward.
Thursday we planned to leave for Tamale.  Thursday morning Elder Anumon called and said he wanted to go to the hospital to be tested for Malaria.  It turned out that he was okay.  Elder Olson had to go over to Vatican City to help the Elders get water.  Their water has been shut off for 2 weeks and it is getting hard for the Elders.  The water problems around here are major.
We left for Tamale at 2:45.  It is a 3 1/2 hour drive and it gets dark about 6:15.  We have been told not to drive at night because we could get hijacked.  We just made it!!
We got our errands done and met with 8 of the 14 missionaries to watch their planning session. Saturday morning the power went off all over the city.  It was off about 12 hours, boy was it hot,
At about 7 pm we were sitting in our pitch black, very hot apartment when a call came in.  It was Elder Meredith  our zone leader.  He was at a hospital with the Sisters.  Sister Okrah had been hit by a drunk driver.  The car hit her left hip and sent her sailing through the air.  A passerby saw a car with keys in it and put her in it and drove her to the hospital.  He then returned the car.  The X-ray machine was broken at the hospital, but she is doing well.  Just bruised up.  She only has 2 weeks left of her mission.  She is from Accra.  Sunday we all visited her and took her dinner.  Hospitals here have no food.

They wouldn't let us in to see her, because it was not visiting hours.  

Our church at Vittin (Target).  We have our apartment there and do all the baptisms here. THIS IS WHERE BOBBY LIVES.

We have plenty of water, power is always a problem.  They want to keep Sister Okrah another day.  We were planning to go back to Techiman on Monday but will wait until Sister Okrah is out of the hospital.
Life here is never dull especially when there so many missionaries to watch over.  We now have 26.  At the hospital there was a man who stood and watched the missionaries for an hour.  They were all laughing and teasing each other.  These beautiful African missionaries in their white shirts and nice clothes, all loving and caring for each other.  This man had a look on his face like he would love to belong to a group like ours.  I ask Elder Meredith to speak to him and give him a pass along card.  The man followed us to our car and waved goodbye.  I can't get his face out of my mind.  Maybe he will come to Church.
Love you all.  Elder and Sister Olson

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