Monday, March 17, 2014

Senior Missionaries - What a Week!

Dear Family and Friends,

What a week we have had.  We haven't had a real P-Day for several weeks.  We just have to wash clothes and clean when we can.

Sister Okrah is doing well and working up to her last day which is in about a week.  We left Tamale on Tuesday morning and had a good drive to Techiman.  Of course we had to make a few stops for cows and all the wondering goats.

We got word that the AP's were passing through.  They had been to Tamale also.  They called about an hour before they came and said they were real hungry.  I hurried and fixed lunch for them.

We found out it was Elder Atandji's Birthday.  He is 26.  We had to have a little party for him on their return trip.  He said he had never had cake and candles.  We had fun singing to him and watching him blow out the candles.

Friday we got word the vendor making the gates for the orphanage had received their money.  They had all ready started making the gates.

Friday we sat in on the Elder's planning time at Vatican City.  Every Friday they plan their next weeks meetings from 10-1pm.    A lot of work.

About 8 PM the Elder's at Valley View called and had had another break in.  We went over and again took them to Dwumoh to stay the night.  Pres. Holmes now gave permission to put up razor wire and he wanted us to report these break ins to the police.  Yuk!!  We met the chief inspector and he wanted us to take him to the crime scene.  The police here have no cars.

They are working on the case and have a suspect.  We will write more later.
Sunday we had a special Baptism.  Vivian is the wife of David who was baptized a couple of weeks ago. They are a sweet family.

Sunday night the Elders all came for dinner and sweet Elder Barker rinsed and stacked all the dishes.

Monday we were back at the Orphanage painting the wall.  Wow!!  Frank said this is the color the children wanted.  They all worked so hard and were covered in pink paint.

As we were about to leave a huge group came with donations to the orphanage.  They were from several schools.  Mary says they come about once a year with used clothing and food.

I can't begin to tell you all the water problems and leaks Elder Olson has fixed.  He truly is a master plumber. The plumbing shops love to see him come.  
We love these missionaries and what they represent.  The Gospel is true and is continuing to grow in West Africa.  Thank you for your love and prayers.

Elder and Sister Olson

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