Monday, March 31, 2014

Senior Missionaries - Busy Week

Dear Sister White,

We just want you to know what a fine son you have.  He is hardworking, polite and never complains ( not around us anyway).  Conditions are so hard here.  There are many, many Muslims that they can not teach.  It is sooooo hot.  Just seeing them go out knowing they will be walking all afternoon in the heat makes my heart melt.  He is cheerful and a joy to be around. These missionaries are courageous and good.  Thank you for raising such a fine son.  He really stands out not just because he is blonde and blue eyed:) 
 Hope you like the pictures. Sometimes I am in such a hurry they don't come out so well.  I will keep trying.

He worked so hard cleaning out their supply room.
He and his companion, Elder Ekpo and Sister

Dinner after  their Sunday meetings

It has been so hot the Elders have been sleeping outside.  The fans hopefully blow away the mosquitoes.

Elder Cornelius was around the corner and I couldn't get him in this shot.  This is Elders Ekpo and Orji.

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